CRUDO Chicken Plain

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Each high-protein meat product includes potassium, iron, zinc and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Liver is added to majority of our mixes to provide your dog with maximum health benefits. Our poultry products include the bones, as they provide essential fatty acids, calcium and natural antioxidant/anti-ageing enzymes for your dog. Most of our mixes also include vegetables, however we offer some options plain if you prefer to add your own vegetables.


The benefits to adding Liver:

Liver is the most concentrated source of vitamin A and should make up 10% of your pet’s diet. It also contains vitamins D, E, and K in substantial quantities. Liver is an excellent source of the minerals zinc, manganese, selenium and iron. It also contains all the B vitamins, particularly B2, B3, B5, biotin, folic acids, B12, and choline. It contains B1 in smaller amounts and is a good source of vitamin C. Liver provides a source of good quality protein and the essential fatty acids, both the omega-3 and omega-6 type.