BioLogic Vet BioSENIOR


BioSENIOR is an advanced digestive and immune system support formula for senior companion animals and those—of any age requiring digestive support. BioSENIORhelps maintain the intestinal lining and supports digestive health by promoting healthy immune, thyroid, pancreatic, and metabolic function. Designed for dogs and cats aged 6 years or older, to help support the structural integrity and mobility of joints and connective tissues; reduce the negative effects of oxidative damage; and support cardiovascular and neurological functions. Does not contain any artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders.

BioSENIOR is recommended for:
√  dogs and cats, (ages 6 and older)
√  dogs and cats showing signs of slowing down due to advancing age
√  pets on a protein rotation diet
√  animals with leaky gut syndrome
√  mature and senior animals

BioSENIOR helps to:
√  support healthy muscle and connective tissue
√  promote healthy immune, thyroid and pancreatic function
√  regulate insulin and homone levels
√  repair damaged intestinal mucosal barrier

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Weight .400 kg

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