BioLogic Vet Slim


Some pets are at risk of weight-gain and insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes, chronic inflammation and potential injury. Using BioSLIM with your pet’s food is simple, and it minimizes and manages these health risks. BioSLIM is a unique blend of ingredients known to promote healthy weight loss in dogs and cats experiencing weight management issues. Providing less active pets with energy support, this formula helps promote and encourage physical activity. GMO-Free BioSLIM supports normal blood sugar activity, metabolism and caloric expenditure. Does not contain artificial: flavours, colours, preservatives or binders.

Recommended For

  • Overweight and less active dogs and cats of any age
  • Use with any preferred brand or style of dog food (raw, dry or moist)

 How It Helps

  • Supports healthy blood sugar activity
  • Breaks down and expels an overabundance of starches
  • Supports healthy thyroid and pancreatic function, digestion and metabolism


Additional information

Weight .400 kg